Hydrofera Blue Ready Antibacterial Foam Dressing


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  • The Hollister Hydrofera Blue Ready Antibacterial Foam Dressing helps absorb moisture from wounds in order to prevent possible infections
  • This non-cytotoxic foam also has rapid wicking and retention capabilities in order to maximize its effectiveness
  • In addition, the Hydrofera Blue foam dressing can be worn up to 7 days in conjunction with compression wraps and total contact casting
  • Although no hydration is required, it is recommended that the wound be thoroughly cleaned prior to application
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Hollister Hydrofera Blue Ready Foam Dressing requires no hydration, offering effective absorption and retention of bacteria-ridden exudate away from the wound. Its waterproof backing ensures a barrier to moisture and bacteria, while two organic pigments - methylene blue and gentian violet - provide broad-spectrum antibacterial protection. The non-cytotoxic dressing, combined with its silicone adhesive, is gentle on the skin, resulting in minimal irritation and pain when changing. It also has a unique tapered edge, enabling the dressing to fit perfectly around wound edges, and is waterproof, bacteria-proof, and air-permeable - so no secondary dressing is required. In addition, it's unique properties allow it to be lifted or repositioned without adherence failure. Lasting up to seven days and costing less than most silver foam dressings, this ready-to-use foam dressing is a must-have.

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