Male External Catheters

Male External Catheters

The male external catheter (also known as a condom catheter) is a collection device worn externally over the urethral opening to collect urine as it drains. The external catheter consists of a thin latex condom-like sheath with a tube. The device is connected to a drainage bag or leg bag.  

With a proper seal, the external catheter system should remain in place an average of 24 hours without leakage. Many patients can achieve up to a 48-hour wearing time.  

Men's external catheters are available with various adhesive application methods due to differences in patient skin sensitivity, penis size changes during wearing time, penile retractions, and manual dexterity. Catheter removal, disposal, and new application are required on a regular basis to thoroughly clean and inspect for skin irritation, blisters, or lesions. Catheter usage may also be directly related to the frequency of intermittent catheterization since the necessary removal of the male external catheter destroys the latex sheath and adhesive properties.  

My Care Supplies carries many popular brands of male external catheters including 3M, Bioderm Liberty, Coloplast, Hollister, Kendall, Mentor-Coloplast, Rochester Medical and Rusch. 3M makes the InView™ Self-Adhesive Silicone Male External Catheter.


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