3M Tegaderm Foam Adhesive Dressing


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  • 3M Tegaderm High-Performance Foam Adhesive Dressing is designed with multiple layers that have a high absorbency and a high breathability
  • The adhesive dressing maintains a wound-healing atmosphere by balancing the level of moisture for the different levels of exudate in the wound
  • The dressing has a water-resistant seal and does not stick to the wound
  • The back of the dressing is made of film to protect against any sort of bacteria or viruses
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3M Tegaderm Adhesive Foam Dressing provides an optimal blend of comfort and healing, with an extensive range of applications. Its ability to be easily adapted to fit a variety of wounds, from pressure ulcers to superficial partial thickness wounds, makes it a top choice for medical professionals. Additionally, it ensures superior protection, even on the most challenging of body contours.

The dressings are specially designed to tackle exudating wounds, regardless of their level. Featuring a multi-layered technology of absorbent and breathable components, it keeps the wound moisture balanced at the best possible level. It also comes in various sizes.

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90611 4 X 5 1/2 IN $109.98
90612 5 5/8 X 5 5/8 $109.98
90613 5 5/8 X 6 1/8 $54.99


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