Catheter Supplier

Finding a good catheter supplier online isn’t easy. Fortunately for you, My Care Supplies offers a vast range of low-cost catheter products, including Foley catheters, hydrophilic catheters, intermittent catheters, touchless catheters, and male external catheters fromBard, Coloplast, Covidien, Cure Medical, Hollister, Mentor-Coloplast, Peco Medical, and more. We also carry male catheter supplies, such as catheter injection trays, catheter insertion kits, irrigation trays, and catheter kits are also provided.

Closed System
Closed System catheters are ready-to-use hydrophilic intermittent closed catheters, also known as a cath-in-bag. The JAW – 
Just Add Water is a closed system, all-in-one hydrophilic catheter.

Coudé Tip Catheter
The coudé tip catheter is a Foley or intermittent catheter with a curved tip. It is used when there is an obstruction in the urethra that a normal straight-tip catheter cannot circumvent. If a physician orders a coudé tip catheter, he must write “coudé tip catheter” on the prescription. The justification for this type of product must also be documented on the prescription.

Coudé Tip Catheter Considerations:

  • If the patient’s anatomy is such that a straight catheter is ineffective in passing through the urethra, a curved tipped catheter is required to conform to the person’s anatomy.

  • The patient has an enlarged prostate gland, creating an obstruction that requires a coudé tip catheter.

  • The patient has a Koch or Indiana pouch that requires a coudé tip catheter for drainage.

  • Unless the prescription is specifically written for a coudé tip catheter and includes medical justification, a straight catheter must be dispensed. 

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