3M Tegaderm Hydrocolloid Thin Dressing with Border 90021 2.75x3.5 Pad


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  • 3M Tegaderm Hydrocolloid Thin Dressing with Film Border is used to protect intact skin from any friction or on skin that is at risk
  • The film border makes applying the dressing easier and eliminates the need for tape
  • The dressing is able to absorb exudate and not leave and residue in the wound
  • The dressing protects the skin from fluids and bacteria or viruses
  • Designed for long wear time
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The 3M Tegaderm Thin Hydrocolloid Dressing is an effective, thin hydrocolloid that can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as dermal ulcers, superficial wounds, and donor sites. It is also a useful solution to protect at-risk skin from dermal abrasions, such as tattoos, and even friction due to hiking or labor. With a film border that aids in easy application and removal without securement tape, it also acts to keep the wound area uncontaminated and prevents premature edge lift.

The dressing safeguards wounds while promoting their recovery. Exudate is drawn in and upon removal, it won't leave behind any residue. Additionally, the dressing keeps the area optimally hydrated to help speed up the healing process.

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90021 2.75 X 3.5 PAD $8.96


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