3M Tegaderm Hydrocolloid Thin Dressing


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  • 3M Tegaderm Hydrocolloid Thin Dressing is designed to protect the skin and to prevent any sort of infection
  • The inner layer of the dressing absorbs moisture and the outer layer is breathable allowing for oxygen to come in and help the healing process
  • The thin border of the dressing keeps the edges of the dressing from lifting up
  • The dressing is flexible and comfortable to wear and the outer layer protects the wound from water when showering
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The 3M Thin Hydrocolloid Dressing is a versatile solution for wound care. Not only is it designed to protect delicate skin from potential damage, but it is also suitable for treating partial thickness dermal ulcers and donor sites. The hydrocolloid is absorbent and breathable, which helps to maintain a balanced level of moisture around the wound, while the border keeps it free from contamination and securely in place. Additionally, its breathable layer stops unwanted microbes and viruses from entering the wound while still allowing moisture to evaporate.

This Hydrocolloid Thin Dressing is very straightforward to both apply and remove, making it an ideal choice for healthcare practitioners as well as a valuable component for any first-aid or emergency kit. It's convenient to use and is suitable for many different types of wound care.

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