3M Tegaderm HP Transparent Film Dressing 9546HP 4x4 1/2 IN


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About this item

  • 3M Tegaderm HP Transparent Film Dressing.
  • Developed to reduce unscheduled dressing changes in problem situations.
  • High performance sterile film dressing.
  • Excellent adhesion and staying power for challenging areas.
  • Conformable oval and sacral shapes fit body areas better.
  • Breathable and moisture vapor permeable.
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3M Tegaderm HP 9546HP is an oval adhesive dressing with exceptional holding power, remaining securely in place on even the most moist skin. The dressing's transparent construction allows for wound observation, while its long wear time of up to 7 days makes it a preferable alternative to other dressings due to fewer required dressing changes and less trauma to the patient. 3M manufactures this bandage to be a thin, comfortable solution while providing a viral barrier against HIV-1 and HBV and offering waterproof protection against external contaminants. Additionally, this Tegaderm HP dressing is breathable, allowing moisture to escape and maintaining a healthy moist wound environment. 3M manufactures a wide range of sizes of these dressings to accommodate any situation.