Golden Drain Male External Catheter A1000 35 MM


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About this item

  • Catheters come individually packaged in a sterile condition, maintaining the highest level of hygiene and minimizing the risk of contamination 
  • Made from transparent material, allowing for easy monitoring of urine flow and assessing the need for catheter maintenance or changes
  • The conical shape of the catheter ensures a secure and anatomically correct fit, enhancing comfort and preventing leakage
  • Features a skin-friendly adhesive that provides a secure and comfortable fit without causing irritation or skin damage
  • Equipped with a double-sided adhesive strip that ensures a strong and reliable bond between the catheter and the skin
  • Made from latex-free materials, making it suitable for individuals with latex allergies and sensitivities

The Rusch Golden Drain Catheter features a skin-friendly adhesive that provides a secure and comfortable fit throughout the day. The adhesive ensures that the catheter stays in place without causing discomfort or skin damage, allowing users to move freely and engage in daily activities with confidence. Available in a wide range of sizes, the Golden Drain Catheter offers options to accommodate individual needs and preferences. This ensures a proper fit for optimal performance, promoting comfort and preventing leaks or accidents. This catheter is a reliable and comfortable solution for male urinary incontinence management, providing convenience, hygiene, and peace of mind.

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A1000 35 MM $2.27


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