Liberty Male External Catheter XL Outlet

Bioderm Liberty

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About this item

  • Connects to a leg or bed bag
  • External design of Liberty external catheters seals to the tip of the penis and directs all urine away from the body, keeping the skin dry and comfortable all day, every day
  • Different from a condom catheter, Libertys seal is made from the thinnest, most translucent hydrocolloid (non-latex, skin-friendly material) ever invented
  • 8oz urine collection pouch can be emptied easily throughout the day
  • Completely external with micro-vent and applied just once a day
  • Extra large outlet 
Men's LibertyTM provides a groundbreaking substitute to standard male external catheters. This external structure is composed of hydrocolloid, a kind of adhesive that establishes a secure, skin-friendly barrier around the urethral opening. The Bioderm Men's Liberty Catheter is an easy-to-apply external catheter that creates a skin-friendly and secure seal around the urinary opening, while the bladder collection pouch fits in the pants of the user. For 24 to 48 hours, the device remains in place due to its hydrocolloid adhesive. A convenient 8 oz pouch allows easy emptying throughout the day. Suitable for most male anatomy.

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Bioderm Liberty