Urocare Urine Night Drain Kit


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  • Urocare night drain bottle is an effective bedside drainage system for use with Foley catheters, male external catheters, Urostomy, Ileostomy, suprapubic applications, etc.
  • It has a large bottom surface area with a small corner radius so it cannot be tipped or pulled over easily.
  • Made of rigid, high-density polyethylene (HDPE).Includes 60 inches inof tubing.An easy-to-open cap with a large opening makes it easy to empty and clean.
  • 2000 ml capacity. 
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This highly effective bedside drainage system is designed for use with Foley® indwelling or male external catheters, urostomy, ileostomy, and suprapubic applications. It is constructed of rigid and durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and can be reused. Its graduated markings start from 300ml and go up to 2,000ml in increments of 100ml.

The large bottom surface area with a small corner radius significantly reduces the risk of tipping or being pulled over. Its large finger loops and hooks enable it to be easily transferred from one side of the bed to the other. You will appreciate its wide opening, which makes it easier to clean and empty.

The Urocare® 4100 Urinary drainage bottle  also includes the patented and self-cleaning anti-reflux valve that prevents backflow while allowing fast, uninterrupted drainage for hassle-free use. The Urocare Little Red ValveTM ensures performance, reliability, and safety and is a better choice than the flutter valves, which may cause urine reflux or back pressure.

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  • 5
    Easy to clean, wide base for less spills

    Posted by Urostomy Guy on Nov 13th 2021

    This is a great overnight urine drainage system because it has enough capacity for large urine output, has a wide base so it doesn't spill, opens wide for cleaning, and has handles for emptying and grabbing. It is better than other products we have tried. My favorite!

  • 5
    I will buy this product forever.

    Posted by boo on Oct 21st 2021

    Used for overnight collection used with urostomy. Has sufficient capacity.I have no complaints other than Ostomy suppliers won't offer it.I order and pay for it myself at a reasonable price.

  • 5
    Great wide opening.

    Posted by Wife of Urostom on Apr 12th 2021

    I love the size, sturdy built, and wide base and wide opening. It is quick to empty and easy to wash out. We had a bit of a problem with the connection into the lid leaking when the anti-reflux valve was in place. I removed it and no more leaking. I also leave the lid slightly loose so there is no air lock. Connects easily to Hollister. Probably adaptable to others also. Best value compared t

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