What You Can Do To Treat Adult Diaper Rash

What You Can Do To Treat Adult Diaper Rash

Posted by Jeanne Lowry on Apr 27th 2023

What You Can Do To Treat Adult Diaper Rash

If you didn’t know, diaper rash is a problem that can affect people of any age; it’s not exclusive to babies. This is because those who use incontinence briefs are prone to this irritating issue. However, you don’t have to accept it. By following these steps to treat adult diaper rash, you can overcome this issue and get back to the more important aspects of your life.

Improve Your Cleaning Techniques

Often, diaper rash occurs in areas that are more difficult to clean. When you’re new to using incontinence briefs, this issue can be quite common until you improve your cleaning techniques. After changing your briefs, wash with warm water and chemical-free soap. Be careful, though—scrubbing too hard can make diaper rash worse.

Once you’re done, be sure to dry off thoroughly. Be gentle to avoid further irritating your skin. Once the diaper rash is gone, try to keep up with cleaning to ensure it doesn’t return.

Use Diaper Rash Creams

If proper cleaning techniques aren’t cutting it, consider diaper rash creams. These will help soothe the skin while creating a barrier to shield it from further issues. With this extra layer of protection, your skin will have time to heal without diaper rash worsening.

Change Briefs More Often

No matter how hard you try, moisture is the biggest enemy of your skin. This is usually the main culprit of adult diaper rash. Since moisture is nearly impossible to prevent, you must be proactive and regularly change your briefs. If it never gets the opportunity to set in, moisture will be far less likely to cause any complications.

Try Different Products

Even though moisture is the leading cause of diaper rash, it’s not the only one. Chafing and allergies can also make this condition worse. That’s why our final suggestion to treat adult diaper rash is to try out different incontinence products.

Chafing normally occurs when your briefs don’t fit you properly. Try different sizes to see what works best for you. If you can’t find the right fit, try sex-specific briefs. For example, women might try using women’s incontinence briefs for a more comfortable fit.

If the issue isn’t from chafing, you could be allergic to the materials or chemicals used in a specific type of briefs. Try out different brands to see if this fixes your diaper rash issue. If not, you could always look into using a catheter instead.