What Are the 5 Different Types of Incontinence?

What Are the 5 Different Types of Incontinence?

Posted by Jeanne Lowry on Sep 12th 2022

What Are the 5 Different Types of Incontinence?

As most people already know, incontinence is the medical condition of not having full control of your bladder. This condition can lead to many issues that complicate a person’s daily life.

However, knowing that you have this issue doesn’t always mean you recognize the type you’re experiencing. To better understand the five different types of incontinence, consider the following explanation of each.

Urge Incontinence

It’s not uncommon for people to feel the sudden need to urinate when going about their daily lives. If that need is quickly followed by an involuntary release of your bladder, you are likely experiencing urge incontinence. Since a bathroom might not always be nearby, this can lead to significant problems.

Fortunately, steps can be taken to fix this type. Minor infections typically cause urge incontinence, but it could also result from a neurological disorder or diabetes. Regardless of the cause, your doctor will be able to work with you to come up with a solution.

Stress Incontinence

Another common form of incontinence is a stress-related variation—this is in reference to stress on your bladder, not on your mind. Common occurrences that cause this type include coughing, sneezing, and even intense bouts of laughter. Being pregnant is another factor that can lead to this kind of incontinence.

Luckily, this type isn’t consistent and rarely occurs for those who experience it. Typically, you can remedy the problem with exercise, but be careful—certain workouts can actually lead to incontinence.

Mixed Incontinence

Due to the nature of the previous incontinence types, it’s possible for one person to experience both. This is known as mixed incontinence and is understandably much worse for those who are familiar with it. If regular exercise doesn’t help, you can talk to your doctor about medications that might be useful. Botox injections for your bladder may also be an option for you.

Overflow Incontinence

A key sign that you might be experiencing overflow incontinence is that you suffer from regular urinary tract infections; this is because your bladder doesn’t fully empty itself upon urination. When this occurs, your kidneys will overflow your bladder, forcing urine out of your body since it has nowhere else to go. While this type is more common in men, it can happen to both genders.

Functional Incontinence

The last of the five different types of incontinence is functional incontinence. Most of the time, there aren’t any medical issues with the bladder that cause this type; it typically occurs because the person has a physical or mental impairment that keeps them from being able to make it to the bathroom.

The only real fix for this type is to use incontinence care products. If you find yourself needing these items, My Care Supplies is the best place to get them. We have a wide selection for you to choose from, so you’ll always be able to find exactly what you need.