5 Tips for Traveling With an Intermittent Catheter

5 Tips for Traveling With an Intermittent Catheter

Posted by Jeanne Lowry on Oct 26th 2023

5 Tips for Traveling With an Intermittent Catheter

Traveling presents various challenges for people who need additional support for medical needs. One such area of concern is the use of an intermittent catheter while on the go. We’re here to discuss our tips for traveling with an intermittent catheter that will guarantee a smooth journey.

Preparation Is Key

Before embarking on your voyage, you should plan it out. Consult your healthcare provider to ensure that traveling is safe for you and acquire any travel-specific medical advice.

Once you’ve gotten the “okay,” it’s time to pack your medical supplies! Buy enough intermittent urinary catheters for your entire trip, plus some extra in case of unexpected circumstances. Remember to bring along relevant prescriptions or medical documents to avoid issues at border crossings or airport security checkpoints.

It can be helpful to get familiar with being able to catheterize in public restrooms or other such small spaces.

Storage Solutions

Finding an appropriate storage solution for your intermittent catheter is vital for maintaining your comfort throughout the journey. Look for a carrying case designed for catheters. They often include multiple compartments, easy-to-clean surfaces, and discreet designs.

When selecting a storage solution, ensure that it keeps the catheter clean, dry, and easily accessible. You don’t want to waste time rummaging around for your supplies when you need them the most.

Get To Know Your Travel Route

A valuable tip for traveling with an intermittent catheter is to familiarize yourself with your travel route ahead of time. Knowing the location of restrooms, washrooms, or accessible bathrooms at airports, rest stops, and hotels can save you time when changing the drainage bag.

This is relatively easy to do, thanks to the Internet! Many travel websites and apps offer information on accessibility features and can be excellent resources to help you navigate your itinerary.

Precautionary Measures

Despite your best efforts, you might face unforeseen challenges during your travels. Having a contingency plan in place can help you feel more at ease when traveling with a catheter.

If you experience an emergency or catheter-related concern while you’re away from home, consult a local healthcare provider. Additionally, consider traveling with a list of emergency contacts, including your regular healthcare provider, the manufacturer and supplier of your intermittent catheters, your insurance company, and relevant emergency services.

Time Is of the Essence

Lastly, manage your time wisely to prevent stress or pressure when catheterizing. Allow yourself ample time for self-care so you can take care of your incontinence needs—there’s no need to rush yourself! By prioritizing your schedule and dedicating time to this important aspect of your routine, you can approach catheterization confidently.