3 Discreet Ways To Store Your Ostomy Supplies

3 Discreet Ways To Store Your Ostomy Supplies

Posted by Jeanne Lowry on May 16th 2023

3 Discreet Ways To Store Your Ostomy Supplies

When you have an ostomy, it’s not uncommon to try to hide the fact that you have one from certain family members and friends. It’s not that ostomies are something to be ashamed of. It has more to do with the fact that not everyone wants to talk about that kind of stuff.

Whether you’re more open about your ostomy or prefer to keep it private, hiding your ostomy materials is never a bad idea. That way, young kids or prying adults don’t get into your stuff and potentially misplace it. If you’re unsure how to go about that, we have some suggestions for discreetly storing your ostomy supplies.

Use Opaque Bags

The best place to put your ostomy supplies is in the drawers or cabinets in your bathroom. This will give you easy access to your items whenever you need them. However, anyone who needs to grab something from your bathroom will likely come across your extra closed ostomy bags and other related items without trying to.

To avoid this while keeping your supplies handy, try storing them in opaque storage bags. When looking for bandages or a hairbrush, people will be unlikely to open up storage bags, especially if the item they need is sitting right in front of them. Plus, as long as the bags are opaque, no one will be able to tell what’s in them, allowing you to hide them in plain sight.

Put Everything in a Special Case

If you think bags in your drawers might still be too obvious, the next best thing is to store all your ostomy supplies in a special case together. You can use any old box or case you have in the house as long as it comfortably fits in one of your bathroom cabinets. We’ve seen people make good use of craft caddies and other boxes that have trays before.

If you want something that’s specialized specifically for your ostomy supplies, medical travel bags are perfect for this. They will be easy to use at home, and whenever you go on a trip, your travel bag will already be packed and ready to go.

Store It Outside the Bathroom

Finally, one of the most discreet ways to store your ostomy supplies is to keep them out of the bathroom. These areas are obvious locations for these types of items, so keeping them in your dresser or closet might be better if you really want to keep them hidden.

Plus, fewer people will go through your room searching for unrelated items, making them less likely to come across your ostomy supplies by accident. While this might make daily use a bit more cumbersome, it’ll help ensure your stuff remains discreetly hidden.