Prevail Wipes

Prevail® Adult Washcloths and wipes are engineered to clean and refresh the skin following leaks and changes. Each wipe is Lotion Enriched and contains Vitamin E and Aloe to soothe and moisturize as it cleanses the skin. Single-Hand Dispensing® allows you to grab one wipe at a time, while triple-layer fabric makes each wipe more durable so that cleanup is quick, clean, and waste-free. Super strong and super soft, Cuties Baby Wipes are softer and stronger than retail brand baby wipes. These softly textured quilted wipes are strong enough to clean up tough jobs and extra soft for effective, gentle cleaning. 


Cuties Baby Wipes are made with hypoallergenic, skin-sensitive cleansing ingredients for even a baby’s delicate skin. Each wipe is enriched with a touch of aloe and vitamin E to protect against diaper rash and promote skin health. Thick and cushiony, these strong and durable baby wipes can handle the toughest cleanups while remaining gentle on baby’s skin. Looking for extra protection? Try Prevail Fluff Underpads to protect crib bedding, changing tables, and more from leakage.