Prevail Maximum Absorbency Underwear for Women


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About this item

  • Prevail Underwear for Women were specifically designed for women and for maximum absorbency
  • This soft yet durable underwear features a form fitting shape and stretchable, breathable waist panels for added comfort
  • In addition, this Prevail underwear has an Odor Guard, Fast-Absorbing Core, Cloth-Like Outer Fabric, and Quick Wick with MaxSoft technology
  • Prevail Underwear for Women are also pink in color to make it as pretty as its functional
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Every Prevail® protective undergarment has been crafted with comfort, absorbency, skin health, and discretion in mind. The Prevail® for Women underwear provides moderate to heavy leakage protection and is five times drier than the leading brand*. It features MaxSorbTM Gel technology that quickly traps moisture to make you feel cleaner, fresher, and drier. Plus, the Omni-Odor Guard® has a dual action system that works to prevent odors before they occur. And the 360° Breathable Zones provide maximum ventilation to help keep you cool and comfortable while avoiding the accumulation of heat and moisture*.

Testing has revealed that Prevail® for Women underwear offers up to five times more absorbency than other leading protective underwear brands. Its advanced MaxSorbTM Gel Technology rapidly locks in moisture, and the built-in Omni-Odor GuardTM provides dual-action protection against odors. Prevail® for Women is also equipped with AirMaxTM breathable layers, as well as Dri-FitTM cotton enhancedTM for a natural feeling and enhanced breathability.


100% Breathable 100% Breathable
A fully breathable moisture barrier that allows skin to breathe.
Airmax Layer AirMaxTM Layer
Specially formulated breathable poly layer traps wetness inside the pad but allows air, heat, and humidity to escape.
Back Label Back Label
Size printed on inside waistband.
Cloth like outer fabric Cloth-Like Outer Fabric
Breathable outer fabric that is soft and comfortable.
Dri-Fit Dri-Fit™
A system that is a new level of protection and skin comfort to help maintain healthy skin.
Dri-fit cotton enhanced Dri-Fit™
cotton enhancedTM Softer and smoother surface helps keep skin healthy by reducing friction.
Maxsorb gel technology MaxSorb™
Gel Technology Quickly locks up wetness to help you feel cleaner, fresh, and drier.
Omni-odor guard Omni-Odor Guard™
Helps stop odors before they begin.
Quick wick with maxsoft QUICK WICK® with MaxSoft™
Soft material quickly wicks wetness away from skin.
up your confidence
made with maxsorb
comfort quality and care
prevail for you

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PWC514 XL 48 - 64 IN $50.00
PWC512.1 S/M 28 - 40 IN $45.28
PWC513.1 L 38 - 50 IN $41.96


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