Prevail Air Overnight Adult Briefs


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  • Prevail AIR Overnight briefs with tabs offer heavy incontinence protection for all adults
  • MaxSorb Gel technology seals wetness away to help keep you feeling dry and comfortable 
  • AirMax material traps wetness inside and allows heat and humidity to escape
  • Omni-Odor Guard technology helps to neutralize odors before they start
  • Microclimate Care innovation helps to regulate skin temperature 
  • Skin Smart fabric is soft and gentle on the skin 
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Prevail AIR Overnight Briefs have countless features that help provide comfort and sense of security for the user. Engineered with MaxSorb gel technology, superior absorbency is achieved to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the night. The stretchable briefs incorporate a 100% breathable AirMax Layer that traps wetness inside the brief but allows air, heat and humidity to escape.  

The Prevail AIR Overnigh Briefs feature Microclimate Care that keeps skin at an optimat temperature and Omni-Odor Guard technology that helps neutralize odors before they start by controlling odor-causing ammonia. The overnight stretchable briefs are made with Espandex wings, giving the user a snug and secure experience. 

Dri-Fit technology which combines synthetic and cotton fibers paired with Skin Smart integration ensures that the skin is not only dry but healthy as well. 

Skin Smart® Fabric defends skin with the inclusion of vitamin E, Aloe, and chamomile. It is designed with ExpandexTM Wings for an optimized t-shirt fit, Easy-Lock Fastener® for a secure yet non-adhesive grip, and a soft, cloth-like outer layer for comfort. The Direct-LockTM Panels allow for a personalized fit.


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NGX-013 L 45-62 IN $67.96
NGX-014 XL 58 - 70 IN $67.96


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