Fortis Entrust Conforming Seal 2 in


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About this item

  • Formulated to handle high liquid output, as well as thick heavy output
  • Gently hug the stoma and create a seal that expands when exposed to moisture
  • Seal prevents leaks by filling the empty space between the appliance and the stoma, where most leaks occur
  • Because stoma size can change throughout the day, Entrust skin barrier rings help maintain a leakproof seal throughout the day

Entrust skin barrier rings have been formulated to effectively combat both high liquid and thick heavy output. They snugly hug the stoma and create a protective seal that enlarges upon contact with moisture. This barrier serves to block leaks by occupying the gaps between the appliance and the stoma, the most common location for leaks. Moreover, their construction ensures they are able to keep up with daily changes in stoma size while remaining leak-proof, providing wearers with peace of mind and confidence. Furthermore, these rings have been specially designed to adhere better to the skin than to the fingers, preventing unnecessary mess and stickiness.

Available Sizes

Item: Size: Price:
6100 2 IN THIN $121.86
6101 2 IN $125.10


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