ConvaTec Eakin Cohesive Seal - StomaWrap 839006 3 3/8 (85MM) 10 CT


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About this item

  • Convatec Eakin cohesive seals smoothing out irregular skin and filling dips and creases
  • Encircling the stoma to prevent corrosive output from damaging the appliance flange
  • Convatec Eakin seal is perfect for everyday peristomal skin protection from irritation
  • Quick and simple to use - no sting when placed on sore skin
  • Eakins Seals prevents leakage by forming a waterproof barrier around the stoma
  • Moldable and can form a variety of different shapes
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The ConvaTec Eakin Cohesive Ostomy Seal is crafted in the form of a donut, creating a barrier to secure those difficult-to-fit stomas. Its moldable texture can be molded to many different stoma shapes, helping keep the skin healthy and preventing any leakage by covering up uneven skin surfaces. This hydrocolloid ostomy barrier is composed of a gel-forming seal which safeguards the area between the stoma and the appliance from any potential skin damage.

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839006 3 3/8 (85MM) $62.55


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