Rusch Silicone Foley Catheter - Pediatric


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About this item

  • The catheter is sterile, is made to only be used once and the stylet is already preloaded
  • Designed with two staggered eyelets that allow for better drainage and added comfort
  • The catheter also has an X-Ray opaque line that lowers the risk of over-inflating the balloon 
  • This type of urine catheter causes less urethral irritation
  • Each of the foley catheter's holes has its own lumen
  • Made entirely of silicone so they're less prone to encrustation and obstruction
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This sterile, single-use Rusch 100% Silicone Pediatric 2-Way Foley Catheter features two opposite eyes and includes a pre-installed stylet. An x-ray opaque line is also included, and the catheter measures 12 inches in length and is white in color. Moreover, it is completely latex-free.

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170003080 8FR 12IN 3ML $17.67
170003100 10FR 12IN 3ML $17.67


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