Covidien 2-Way Silicone Foley Catheter - Pediatric

Medtronic Covidien

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  • Smooth, rounded, reinforced tip with stylet pocket
  • Large, smoothly finished eyes and a reinforced ribbed balloon
  • Universal valve has a color-coded retainer ring
  • Individually packaged in an outer peel-back pouch with an easy-to-open inner sheath
  • Smooth, separately molded, reinforced bullet shape tip with deep stylet pocket resists buckling
  • Bespak spring-loaded valve provides consistent inflation/deflation of catheter balloon
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Covidien Dover Two-Way Uncoated 100% Silicone Pediatric Foley Catheter, with a 3cc Balloon, eradicates the possibility of a latex allergy. It's non-toxic, non-porous, biocompatible, and non-adhering materials greatly reduces the probability of encrustation, urethritis, and stricture when compared to latex catheters. Furthermore, the separately molded, ribbed, and reinforced funnel ensures a secure seal when connecting the drain bag and various irrigation syringes.

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8887603101 10FR 12IN 3ML $17.67


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Medtronic Covidien
100% Silicone