Bard Bardex 2-Way All Silicone Foley Catheter


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About this item

  • Equipped with two drainage eyes near the tip, this catheter ensures efficient and continuous urine drainage, reducing the risk of blockages or obstructions
  • Available in various balloon capacity options, allowing healthcare professionals to select the appropriate size for optimal retention and drainage
  • Smooth surface ensures comfortable insertion and removal, minimizing friction and irritation for the patient 
  • Made entirely of high-quality silicone material, offering flexibility, durability, and biocompatibility
  • Features a reinforced tip that provides added strength and rigidity during insertion
  • Individually packaged in a sterile manner, ensuring a hygienic and safe procedure
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The Bard Bardex 2-Way All Silicone Foley Catheter is a reliable and advanced solution for urinary catheterization procedures. Its smooth surface ensures a gentle and comfortable insertion and removal process, minimizing discomfort and friction or the patient. The reinforced tip enhances the ease of use for healthcare professionals and ensures a seamless catheterization experience. Various balloon capacity options allow for individualized care, promoting patient comfort. Experience reliable and comfortable urinary catheterization with this trusted product from Bard.

Available Sizes

Item: Size: Price:
165814 14FR 5CC $17.67
165816 16FR 5CC $17.67
165818 18FR 5CC $17.67
165820 20FR 5CC $17.67
165822 22FR 5CC $17.67
165824 24FR 5CC $17.67
166816 16FR 30CC $17.67
166818 18FR 30CC $17.67
166822 22FR 30CC $17.67
166824 24FR 30CC $17.67


Product Information

100% Silicone